Dear esteemed members,

I hope you are getting out to enjoy the long sunny days of another beautiful San Diego summer! This
month we celebrate the founding of our great nation. Did you know that Antoine Lavoisier, the father
of modern chemistry, credited with the discovery of the law of conservation of mass, also played a
beneficial role, albeit indirectly, in the American Revolution? Lavoisier was the Director of powder
research (Régie des poudres) from 1775 to 1792. In that capacity, Lavoisier succeeded in raising the
quality of French gun powder to one of the most sought-after war-time products. In 1776, Benjamin
Franklin traveled to France on a diplomatic mission to secure support from the French government on
behalf of the colonists fighting against the British. Franklin succeeded in convincing the French king to
supply the American revolutionaries with various forms of material aid, which included stockpiles of
Lavoisier’s gun powder.
This month, great things are happening in our Local Section. On July 15, our local section, in
collaboration with UC San Diego, will host the 2022 Medicinal Chemistry Symposium. This year, the
format will be virtual. We are featuring four distinguished researchers from academia and industry
discussing the following topics.

  • Dr. Flor Ferguson (UCSD) – “Interrogating the druggable proteome using proximity-mediated pharmacology”
  • Dr. Mark Tichenor (Janssen) – “Discovery of JNJ-64264681, a potent and selective covalent BTK inhibitor”
  • Dr. Anil Gupta (Calibr) – “Can we treat Hepatitis B via a single injection?”
  • Dr. Scott Hecker (Qpex Biopharma) “Discovery and Early Development of Xeruborbactam (QPX7728), an Ultra-Broad-Spectrum Boronic Acid Inhibitor of Serine and Metallo Beta-Lactamases”

As we look toward August, we have an exciting field trip planned on August 5 to General Atomics.
General Atomics is a leader in the local defense industries and is renowned for its unmanned aerial
vehicle (UAV) technologies. The La Jolla branch of General Atomics also happens to be the site of a joint
venture with the Department of Energy into fusion energy research. I am looking forward to learning
about where the state-of-the-art is at. Space is limited for this field trip; registration closes on July 20.

I wish you all a festive and relaxing month of July.
With gratitude,
Juan Gonzalez

2022 Chair, San Diego Section of the American Chemical Society

Juan Gonzalez

2022 Chair, San Diego Section of the American Chemical Society